My name is Kasey.

I am a mother of two beautiful little girls who keep me very, very busy.  I’m married to an amazing man who still makes my heart race, even after 10 years.  I also have my own web design business of which I operate from my home.

Needless to say, I have plenty on my plate… so why do a blog?

I decided to start this blog as a sort of journal/diary about the funny, crazy, creative, and real things in my life.  What a wonderful way to chronicle the things that inspire me?  I see it as a sort of therapy.

Why call it ‘The Clumsy Mother’?  Because mothering takes up the biggest part of my life, and I haven’t ever been known as the most graceful swan in the pond.  Sure, I’m getting better as the years go by, but every milestone brings new obstacles, and I am prone to stubbing my toe.  I’m hoping this admission will bring comfort to the other Clumsy Mothers out there, and hopefully I’ll get a hand up every once in a while.

Thank you for checking out what I have to say.  If you take nothing else away, at least you’ll be entertained.


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