Witchy Woman

Yesterday, we had a pretty decent thunderstorm.  Rolling thunder, crackling lightning, pouring rain… the whole show.

This may seem a little strange but, when we have weather like this, I like to pretend I’m a witch that has power over the elements.  I walk outside with the wind whipping my hair across my face, feeling the warm air mixing with the cool, and hearing the sky growling down at me in warning, and I instantly become a super-cool witch with a name like Faith, Gabriella, Willow, Celeste, Piper, Phoebe, or Prue.  I’m able to control all this intense weather with just my thoughts, or maybe a flick of my gaze.    I’m ready to spread my arms out and yell at the sky to do my bidding.  I speak Latin, because all the really good witches speak Latin, and I say a very powerful spell that will make the lightning strike around me and the sky open up and start raining frogs.

But then I realize I’m in my front yard like an idiot in the middle of a downpour, and the neighbors will probably be calling the local asylum to pick me up any minute.  I check back into reality and get the HECK inside!  I could get hit by lightning, for goodness sake!  😉

photo courtesy of Getting There


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