Healthy Tips

During the past few months, I’ve had a fabulous friend help me with my weight loss goals.  She has been a huge support, and frankly, the only way I would have stuck to plan.  She’s given me lots of advice and great ideas, so I thought I’d pass some on to you!

  • Make a weight chart to chart your progress.  I’ve linked mine to give you an idea.  I also added a weight loss/goal quote at the top, just to help motivate me.  I printed it out and it’s stuck on the fridge for all to see, as I chart my progress.
  • Make smaller goals along the way and then reward yourself when you reach them – make them bigger as you get closer to your final goal.
  • Get at least 2 days of exercise per week.  If I can’t get to a class, I’ll take our dog for a walk around the neighborhood.  I also like to mow the lawn for an extra bit of sweat.

Here’s a fun recipe for you…

Frozen Grahams – 1 point each

Chocolate graham crackers with fat free whipped cream.

Smear 1 TBSP of fat free whipped cream on a graham cracker square, place another square on top to make a sandwich.Wrap it in shrink wrap, and freeze.

They are 1 point little goodies that help in the evening when I crave a sweet snack.

Here’s to your HEALTH!